Why the Firm was established:

The establishment of the Firm stems from the idea/aims at synergistically combining professional world-class competences matured in civil law, penal law, commercial and corporate law, insurance law, property law, administrative law, tax law domains and, ultimately, in the business life cycle management (start-up, expansion, internationalization, consolidation and crisis).


To provide consultancy support to our clientele, by examining its interests under a holistic perspective.

To leave room for negotiation and reach an advantageous settlement for our clients, avoiding the radicalization of the dispute.

To ensure maximum transparency in our relationship with the clientele, honouring the inseparable pairing between the quality of the professional performance and the appropriateness of the remuneration.

Main Services:

Consultancy in non-judicial dispute and in civil law, penal law, administrative law, tax law and insolvency law domains.

Patronage/Legal aid before any ordinary and special Courts, at all stages and levels in the proceedings as well as in arbitration.

Virtual office services.

Managerial assistance and advice to businesses and start-ups.

Assistance and advice in capital market transactions (business angels, venture capital, private equity, corporate bond).

Assistance and advice in the turnaround of business operations (corporate restructuring).

Statutory auditing of accounts.